9 hooks to increase your list of subscribers. INTRO.

What offer my readers to subscribe to my newsletter?

The number of subscribers. Is it frustrating you? Everyone talks about how important it is to have a list of subscribers, making email marketing, large numbers of subscribers, but it is frustrating to see itself with two digits, if we're lucky.

On the other hand, even more they bombard us with conceited and boastful text messages of "Join the more than 5000 subscribed", "100,000 subscribers and counting" …

How is that so many people subscribe to those lists, not yours? How to increase your subscriber list?

The simple reason that not sign up for your newsletter.

The simplest is that we are increasingly reluctant to give our email address to anyone, and we have too much information and resources within our reach: we are saturated.

After all, if it gets into the wrong hands, they could be opening the door to spam, phishing attempts and other vulgar attacks in your inbox.

But it is not just about privacy and security. Your readers have too much on their plates to add another regular to their growing list of read email.

Now do you understand why people are not "falling" into your trap to "subscribe to blog updates"?

The solution is to give them a compelling reason to sign up.

One reason so powerful, so valuable that easily outperforms all its reasons for not doing so.

In other words: bribe.

How is a good bribe or bait? How to use the hook to increase your list of subscribers?

Have you seen this?

Subscribe to blog updates and receive my free ebook X ways to do Y (even if you are Z) "

Not more than a bribe, blackmail: do this for me that I have already done this for you, in this case is: "give me your email address and I'll give you something that is not freely available on my blog. "

But breaking the barrier with your reader is not as easy as it sounds: you must remove their defenses creating something very tempting to do all their prejudices and excuses left over and just think you get what you offer.

Your bribery can be:

The source of inspiration for when your reader has run out of ideas

The promise to solve an urgent problem or relieve persistent pain

The opportunity to broaden knowledge on a topic or area

Route guidance to achieve a desired goal

If the average reader thinks your bribe is something that simply must have, you're on the right track.

But where most bloggers get stuck it is to decide exactly how your bribe should take. Not all want to be the same offering an ebook, which is the entrance to a blog wrapped in a pdf … all want something different to offer, but do not know how to start.

I offer eight types of hooks or other bribes, you can use on your blog, and is the best you can use them all in different ways, and expand and make big your list of subscribers.

The following items will have a list of 8 bribes to increase your list of subscribers.