Google and WordPress has the solution to your website

Google and WordPress are perhaps the most influential companies on The Internet nowadays, with the applications, plugins and functionality they offer, and others reasons. And this perfect “online merge” has been for many years because these two companies understood that their integration could further enhance its tools and services.

WordPress not only integrates Google Analytics to all sites in a simple and efficient way, with a plugin, but also, thanks to a joint effort, WordPress have managed to integrate all the tools that Google offers on the market for common users and for developers, programmers, designers and content editors.

The partnership established between Google and WordPress has enabled the websites using the open source platform, and have more resources to reach larger audiences and make more stable their websites.

For businesses, Google Apps for Works has been a solution. Gmail, Drive, Hangouts and Calendars integrate WordPress perfectly. With Google Apps Login users can log in WordPress using Google accounts, making more secure the process to access. The basic version is free, but there are also Premium and Enterprise options. 

The union of Google and WordPress promises to improve the productivity of employees and the company through business tools that offers Google Apps for Work, because with Google apps you can access to all your information from your computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere if you. Drive offers that possibility. All your documents can be storage in the cloud, and supports documents for Windows and others systems. 

If you want to have your documents in your website, and for free, you can use Google Drive Embedder plugin. Also, users can use and embed the documents in their post directly.

Google Apps is also a hosted cloud service, which reduces time and IT infrastructure and provides permanent access to the latest versions of software updates. 

How not to use the best email service provider and the world? With WordPress and Google, you can integrate to your page Gmail, the most secure and trustful email service on The Internet, with anti-spam protection.

Also, your website can integrate Google Apps Directory and Google Profile Avatars, among others plugins that Google offers for WordPress.

On the Internet there are hundreds of tutorials on how to install plugins Google, as well as WordPress Plugins page, so you do not have to fear when installed.

Using the tools that these companies offers is an excellent idea, especially if your knowledge of websites and Internet are basic and are beginning to learn how to introduce in the business of websites.

Google and WordPress launch new applications and features that can be incorporated without major problems and to help you improve and optimize your daily work.

you forget not read all the material that comes to you about updates, as they also can benefit when making any decisions about your business.