Signs that you need to change your website design – Part 1

Web design of a blog or a web page is one of the main factors to consider when using WordPress and create any project on the web.

As you already know, WordPress is based on templates (or themes), which can be modified and also offers different options to customize according to what we like and what we need.

Each theme is unique and the options offered depend on the developer. There are some themes who have many options to change all (color, fonts, images, photos, size, etc) and others more basic, sorts of things and more limited.

If you take a moment to your WordPress site, you may have considered changing the design or theme right now. On the Internet, everything changes very fast. What was trendy a few months ago may now no longer in use anywhere.

That's why it's always good to be upgraded to the latest in web design and WordPress.

Which are the signals that will tell you if is necessary to change the WordPress template? How to know if it is time that a change?

Check out these signs that will help you have an answer. If you meet at least one of them, it takes action and starts looking for a new template! 

1. Too much time with the same

If you take several months or even years with the same WordPress theme, why not give it a modern look to your site?

A different theme can give you a whole new interaction, structure and design to your WordPress site, which will have much more success if it offers a great first impression to visitors.

Remember that you have a few seconds to gain the attention of visitors to your blog or web page. If you have a cool design, there are more possibilities to earn their trust and become customers or subscribers.

A separate template also pleases and is well received by regular visitors to your blog or website. It's like remodeling your house or apartment. It is always a positive change.

2. Antiquated appearance

There are numerous websites and blogs that look like they were created in 2000 when the Internet was just beginning to globalize and be accessible to all.

Strange colors, Comic Sans fonts, homepage too large, disproportionate texts and many other aspects that give a poor appearance and, consequently, poor results for your website.

It's like going to an important meeting or a job interview dressed in inappropriate clothing. It is obvious that the first impression you have to other people or person play against what you want to achieve.

Check your template and compare it with the other designs in your niche or industry. If you think a change is necessary, do not be afraid to do it!

In these sites you can find themes to use for WordPress websites:





Check them and choose the one you like and fits what you need. In the second part of this article, you will see more signs to know if you are required to change your design.