Social networks in WordPress

Nowadays there is no discussion about the importance of social networks in the Internet and for any company. Users all over the word are sharing stories and information thru social networks, specially using Twitter and Facebook, even others like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope are in the spot to. But if you want to be notice you have to integrate in your website your social networks, and WordPress has some plugins that can be very useful and easy to instal

There are paid WordPress plugins like Monarch, a new premium plugin that allows you to add different social networks without interfere in your design because -you can adapt buttons to do so- and it is very easy for any person to use on different social networks.

Others WordPress plugins are specifics, like Gplus Badge are the typical type widget “badge”, you can put it in the sidebar, in this case is exclusive for Google+. 

Pinterest Badge is also specific and creates a widget similar to Gplus but is for Pinterest, one of the social network that today are the essential way to show content for fashion or design websites, because allows you to show in a better way the products that you have. 

For Twitter, another specific WordPress plugin is Liked Twitter Box, a tool that helps you to displays a list of your followers on Twitter in the sidebar, and you can see it in action in the sidebar of your website. 

Shareaholic is a very attractive to share your posts at the end of each bar. This plugin is one of favorites because you can customize it completely, and you can decide which buttons to use in each case. This plugins also work with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and others.

Another new plugin is WP Social Sharing, you can add social media with special and trendy icons design, -all buttons are created using CSS3- and works with Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing and Google+. Also the users are able to add text when they are sharing.

Click to Tweet is the last excellent plugin that are we going to recommend. This WordPress plugin  lets you create a phrase or tweet for users who are reading your tickets or any other content you can publish in your Twitter with a single click.

The importance of these WordPress plugins are related also with the growth of social networks, because today people are more likely to see Facebook or Twitter rather than the news or read a newspaper. Your website need to be connected to Internet and all the social networks that you can, because your product will be reach more people every day.