Tips: 4 plugins for A/B testing in WooCommerce

In the online business, you should do tests. All the time and all your products. Why?

The tests allow you to see exactly which elements of your store are effective and which need improvement. They show what motivates the action in your CTA (call to action) and that "kill" the intention of your potential customers. A / B tests allow you to modify, analyze and play with your site to find the solution with the best possible results.

The best and biggest online stores made constant testing. The idea is that there is always room for improvement and try and test, allow you to become a bit more successful in your online store.

Why use A/B tests plugins in your online store?

If you are wondering why you should use a plugin for testing A/B? Well, if you're scared to ruin your page, here I go. These are the reasons why you should forget your fears:

A tool or plugin that is not made for WordPress is difficult to manage, control and isn't easy to learn how to utilize. It is better to work in an environment that you already know, and if you use WordPress WooCommerce will be familiar to you.

A WordPress plugin works on specific things and doing a concrete task. It is more convenient to work in WooCommerce and WordPress.

Make tests without affecting your entire store, for example, test a form, images, or something other.

And there are 4 plugins that can allow you to make A/B tests on WordPress.

Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is a service to improve your conversion rate, allowing you to create A / B tests and make monitoring work on your WordPress desktop.

You can make tests in practically anything that is installed on your WordPress site, with titles on your pages, themes and even changes in your CSS sheet. The plugin has a feature called "heatmap" that lets you see where your store users are more active, key to further optimize and improve the weak areas.

It also generates daily reports on your tests and gives you details about your visitors and conversions that they perform. In addition, it has no impact on the speed of your site.

This isn’t a free plugin, but has a 14-day free trial, and it is priced at US$19 per month.

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress

Another great tool is Marketing Optimizer for WordPress: offers features that facilitate the configuration of A / B test for your online store in just a moment. In addition, it integrates perfectly with plugins like W3 Total Cache, Gravity Forms or Super Cache.

The essence of this plugin is to improve the conversion rate of your site. How they work it is to follow two different options of the same element and to definitively decide which to use, so easy. Tests A / B are configured in several pages at once and conversion tracking is done by codes that are placed on any page that act as a confirmation or thank you page after a conversion. Basically, what it is measured thanks pages are loaded many more times.

The plugin can easily add variation to your tests, and can be used for page titles, design, outstanding image, a call to action, the site of the call to action, forms, buttons, testimonials. Everything on your website is subject to A/B test with this plugin.

Convert Experiments by Yoast

SEO by Yoast, is the most used WordPress plugins in the world, and Yoast, its creators have a wide range of solutions for WordPress, one of them is this another great plugin: Convert Experiments. As a fusion of Yoast and Convert, you must, before working with the plugin, open an account in Convert.

The plugin works by sending data from your pages. To make tests, you must use advanced targeting and filters when you want to test your site. This is achieved by installing some javascript to each page of your WordPress site. The plugin enables you to apply tests divided URL. Simple and effective.

WordPress Calls to Action

This plugin is utilized to create CTA (or calls to action) and monitor their results, which could be useful for A / B testing.

CTAs are very effective, and this plugin has a very good library to create calls to action, or create one with a custom design. With this plugin you can create different CTA sites, monitoring results and improve the conversion rate of your online store.

It is an excellent marketing tool, that allows you to create email lists for your online store, for clients, members or providers. 


At first, implementing A / B testing for your online store can seem intimidating, but is actually quite simple, as long as you are using the right tools for the job. The previous four plugins can make creating tests and experiments easily.

To be informed of the latest improvements and features of the plugins, WordPress will be sending you information to your Desktop or inbox, as you prefer, and also, will notify you about the automatic updates of the plugins.