Videos and WordPress: plugins, tutorials and themes

According to the last Google report, more than 1 billion people use Youtube in the world, every minute more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to the biggest video social network and more than 4 billion people see video materials per day. With Vine and Periscope in the picture, videos had reached a lead role on the Internet. 

And videos on the web have become one of the most popular ways to share content, tutorials, information, music, entertainment and more. Many people prefer to watch videos that reading, for information or fun. 

Websites must improve their designs to allow videos and visual content, and WordPress offers to websites three possibilities to use and shows videos: inside posts, in themes and in plugins.

How to post a Youtube video on a website with WordPress
In posts, the process to insert YouTube videos in WordPress is very simple and you can do it with 2 steps. First, copy the URL of the video on Youtube; second login into your website to post where you want the video to be displayed and, in the WordPress editor, simply right-click and “Paste”. 

Includes a video in your website is not a big deal, and posts with videos are more fun and attractive to read.

Which WordPress themes are made for videos websites
Wordpress is a complete platforms to use if you want o have o create a video website, themes, templates and plugins give you the best tools to show your videos and share them with social networks.

Some of the best WordPress themes for videos websites are VideoTouch, VideoTube, Slimvideo, True Mag, VYSUAL, Snaptube, onPlay, Vidiho, The Producer, SocialPlay, VideoPress, Viduze, Video Theme, VideoZ, Primero, VideoCraft, Video, Solar, VideoPlus, VideoPro, Videozoom, Gigawatt and Motion Picture, all themes designed for video websites. 

There are others WordPress themes for video websites, but these 20 are the best because their design is made to highlight videos, includes Youtube integration and also are mobile responsive. Themes are perfect if you are a film o documentary director or a tv producer and want a website to use as a portfolio, or if you have a tv news program, or you have nonprofessional videos and you want to share your hobby with the world. You can see this 20 WordPress themes on the official website, or in this link.

Another detail that you have to consider is that your theme works perfectly for smartphones and tablets, and hey all fulfill this feature.

Which WordPress plugins are for videos
Wordpress offers plugins for every need that you have, and for videos there are plugins like Envira Gallery, the best plugins to video galleries, responsive and mobile-friendly, is a drag-and-drop gallery builder for a photo and video. In this Youtube video you can see all the features that Envira Gallery has for your website.

At the moment, studies on World Wide Web shows that videos are the materials that users prefer to share and to inform. Maximize your website including videos with these wonderful WordPress tools.