WordPress includes share button for WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype

Worpress.com platform continues to present new products and features. Some days ago the new version of the open source platform, WordPress.org 4.5, is available and can be installed on the servers, and now the company is announcing a new feature for WordPress.com platform: new buttons to share content.

In this case are for three apps, one of them highly sought by users: a button to make it easy to share blogs content within WhatsApp with a single click, without having to copy and paste content.

The information about this new feature was published on the platform blog, and indicates that these buttons are available in the configuration section of your site, the only thing necessary to include it in the theme and customize their appearance.

The company has also posted a video with a step by step guide, although users regularly use WordPress.com certainly will have no problem with the installation. You can also disable the share buttons in one particular post if you want. This is the tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVelWG3hf3o

If you consider that wordpress.com is the free version of the platform, you will see that every day more and more users prefer this version.

Over years, there are more and more users who bet on WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org. And the advantages are many:

  • They do not have to pay hosting
  • They do not have to worry about a huge number of users simultaneously accessing a specific article, without fear to tear down the server.
  • The ways of publishing are increasingly flexible and comfortable.
  • The update rate is high
  • The themes are professionals and responsive with mobile devices

But, of course, there are points against:

  • You cannot alter the templates.
  • You cannot put the theme you want.
  • Options to make money with the blog are reduced immensely.

But WordPress has a new competitor, Medium, and that’s why WordPress is getting better and adding new improvements, to beat the Twitter’s blog platform.

Social networks have become more powerful on the Internet, and websites that do not implement this type of tools to share their content, are losing audience and presence.

Always keep in mind that if your content is good, it can become viral, attracting thousands of visitors to your web page. And this is not only important if own a sales page, because a good flow of visitors also attracts a lot of sponsors.

WordPress knows the importance of social networks, and offers users these new tools for that reason. Use them and take advantage of the progress of the platform.